Where DeFi Meets NFTs

Leverage your NFTs in the DeFi economy

We build a new decentralized finance stack specifically for the creators economy where every artists, and investor can lend, borrow, sell, or lease digital assets.

Available 500,000,000 Tokens
Core Features

Decentralized NFT Finance Protocol

We are creating a platform that will enable anyone to increase liquidity and ROI opportunities for NFTs. It isn’t only stops at buying and selling digital assets, but now you can put it up as collateral or lend it out to earn yield!

Sell / Lease

Leasing enables a new way to generate side income from your digital assets.

Lend / Borrow

Put your NFT assets up as collateral for a loan, or offer loans to other users on their non-fungible tokens.

Index Fund

Invest into our community-owned index funds, one token represents ownership in many NFTs.

Higher Performance, Lower Fees

Built on a Premier Ecosystem

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network is one of the fastest growing blockchains with increasing numbers of NFTs being bought and sold. NFTStack aims to continue the adoption of this ecosystem and enrich it with a full stack DeFi protocol.

  • Ultra low transaction fees
  • Energy-efficient processing
  • Fully decentralized
Powered by Community

Community Governance

Platform shareholders will be able to submit proposals, vote on initiatives, and moderate the platform to ensure alignment with evolving needs of the community. Token holders will also receive extra benefits on the platform such as discounted transaction fee, or priority listings.

NFTStack contracts are fully permissionless on-chain contracts. Truly decentralized, anonymity and transparency platform for everyone.
Built by DAO
NFTStack is built by a group of community members, contributors, and core members closely aligned to build the ecosystem.

We are building tools that combine decentralized finance and NFTs to empower creators' communities

Q2 - 2021
Testnet Launch
Smart Contracts (ERC721, ERC1155)
Wallet Integrations
Token Sale
Q3 - 2021
Public Security Audit
Mainnet Launch
Token Staking
Sell / Lease Features
Q4 - 2021
Governance Portal
Borrow / Lend Features
Additional Trade Currencies
Social Features
Q1 - 2022
Index Fund Feature

NFTS Token

NFTStack (NFTS) mission is to bridge the gap between DeFi and NFT to empower individual creators and artists with a new NFT concept built around powerful tokenomics. $NFTS is both a utility & governance token that will be powering the protocol.

  • Settle and fund transactions
  • Platform perks (discounted fee, priority listings…)
  • Community governance
500,000,000Max Token Supply
50,000,000Team & Founder (10%)
200,000,000Public Sale (40%)
250,000,000Treasury (50%)
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